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The concept of developing Lake Tahoe into a model regional planning ecosystem was initiated soon after the Bureau of Land Management sold $300 Million worth of public land in Nevada, the proceeds of the sale to be dedicated to the long term preservation of the Lake Tahoe eco-region. Instead, although that $300 Million was diverted from Lake Tahoe to President Bush's war, the cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional planning effort and concept for a Lake Tahoe Geolibrary offers a strategy to preserve eco-regions through implementing decision support so diverse stakeholders can participate in designing the future of their region.

Objective. To enable a range of stakeholders to share ideas and resources toward addressing regional ecosystem challenges and to integrate knowledge and tools into decision support frameworks.


EcoInfosphere: Knowledge Management Frameworks for Ecosystem Forecasting.

  • local interventions
  • diffusion patterns
  • global impacts

The Eco-Infosphere is evolving its project-focused, web-based, process visualization system incrementally as it is customized to address discrete projects within a systemic framework that allows projects to link as needed.

The cross-disciplinary convergent planning and catalyZer method of MetaVu Network is applied with problem-solving teams addressing ecosystem design and preservation challenges.

The Eco-Infosphere User Interface is being developed to support:
  • Information Visualization
  • Navigation and Search
  • Geospatial Visualization, Maps, and Digests
  • Images and Metadata
  • Indexing and Extraction
  • Mapping Collaborative Problem-Solving Processes
  • Evolving Knowledge Management Frameworks (KMF)


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