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NASA University (NASA U)’s program, around which its distributed network revolves year round, brings Research Associates from across the nation to participate. Research Associates contribute their ingenuity and individuality to shaping each unique summer.

The NASA Administrator has emphasized that the United States must meet the growing workforce demand for outstanding scientists and engineers able to think creatively across disciplines to face the challenges of tomorrow.

NASA U’s mission is to
  • foster creative thinking toward breakthrough science and engineering;
  • enable Research Associates to work with NASA’s top scientists and engineers on NASA missions;
  • offer diverse research experiences;
  • provide insight into the elements that make NASA missions possible;
  • guide both future scientists and future leaders of the U.S. Space Program, giving them a glimpse of how NASA operates;
  • enable Research Associates to meet key astrobiology thinkers and NASA mission leaders;
  • build a university network to share ideas, curriculum, and to inspire the next generation of leaders of all aspects of NASA Missions.
By exploring non-traditional, innovative approaches to learning and discovery, NASA U aims to be a magnet for creative leaders.

Each module is jointly designed by the Mentors, invited Speakers, Workshop Leaders, Principal Investigators, and Research Associates. All provide creative input, ideas and their unique backgrounds and perspectives to create each summer a different, custom-designed experience.


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