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Program: Augmented Hub & Spokes

From its founding in 1997 to 2003, the NASA Academy for Astrobiology focused on NASA Missions, admitting to this module about twelve Research Associates each year, selected through a highly competitive application process. In 2004 leading NASA scientists and engineers will participate in round tables to explore the design of other complementary modules to cross-pollinate and enrich the learning experience, creating a larger program — NASA University (NASA U).

As the image map below indicates, modules are collaborative, but autonomous. All modules are not offered in any given year. New modules are continually being designed.

Click on the cameos in the image map below to find out more about each project and the people involved:

Which modules NASA U will offer in the summer of 2004 will depend on the applicant pool and evolving program design, which will match outstanding applicants with the summer learning experience that best matches their career goals.

The following new modules are under development:


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