Bonnie DeVarcoBonnie DeVarco has been an education technology consultant to non-profit, corporate and educational organizations for the past 15 years. She helped to develop multi-institutional programs for distance and media enhanced learning for the University of California Office of the President and the K-12 and has been a research and development consultant for the UC College Prep Initiative, one of the first statewide virtual high school programs since 1998.

Four years ago she founded the VLearn3D initiative, an international networking hub for educators using multi-user environments to enhance the learning process. Other clients include UC Santa Cruz, Stanford University, UCLA, Cornell University, San Diego and Imperial County Boards of Education, RedAppleOnline, and DigitalSpace.

As writer, editor, director and research associate, Bonnie has produced a broad range of educational media. She has regularly produced conferences and events in cyberspace and in distributed physical locations around the world through,, UC Santa Cruz's "Tech Innovation" program, UCLA, the Los Angeles Festival and the Buckminster Fuller Institute. She lectures worldwide on the culture of cyberspace and
innovative learning technologies.

From 1989 to 1995 Bonnie served as chief archivist for the Buckminster Fuller Archives, recently acquired by Stanford University. While there she was senior researcher for the American Masters Biography on Buckminster Fuller and worked with museums and universities around the world. Currently she is collaborating on the creation of the Telascience Institute, a hybrid alliance of government, non profit organizations, educational institutions and corporations that provides new opportunities for telecollaboration, visualization, research, education and environmental action using advanced satellite and network technologies, visualization and open source tools. For online portfolio, click here.

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